Project Description

The construction of the Bagebi building was completed within the stipulated time. The project included 72 apartments, commercial spaces and a two-level parking lot. The apartments were handed over to the residents in a white frame condition, which included:

  • High-quality five-layer, black-colored metal-plastic door-window with insulation, double glass and mechanism;
  • the highest quality entrance iron door;
  • External facade covered with natural stone, travertine;
  • Bedegi izo-block is used on the outer perimeter, with heat and sound insulation;
  • 10 cm block was used for internal partitions, which was coated with a mixture of perlite and gypsum;
  • Screed floor
  • Entrances surfaced with granite;
  • Two Italian-made elevators (passenger and freight) that operate even in the event of a power outage;
  • The balcony is surfaced with ceramic granite tiles;
  • Security room in front of entrances and elevator with installed water sprinkler system, hood and fireproof door;
  • A well-furnished yard on both sides of the building;
  • The parking lot located on the minus two ground floors of the building;
  • Water and sewage pipes connected into the apartment;
  • Electricity, natural gas and water delivered to the apartment;
  • Electricity, water and natural gas meters installed and subscribed