Project Description

“Homeberg” on Lisi, on Tsatskhvebi Street, is completed. Two three-story buildings combine a total of 16 apartments – quiet, cozy, comfortable environment and 5000 sq. m. eco-friendly recreation area, which provides additional peace and comfort for residents.

Lisi Lake is a 10-minute walk from the “Homeberg” area, and the roads are connected: via Vashlijvari, it leads to Dighomi and the exit of the city, via Vedzisi to Vazha-Pshavela Avenue, as well as the Nutsubidze Plateau.

  • The architecture and construction part of the buildings are performed by leading specialists.
  • The construction was carried out with the highest quality reinforced concrete material. In addition, the foundation of the buildings rests on the rocky part of the mountain, which ensures the seismic stability of the buildings.
  • Outstanding location and rational planning ensure maximum natural lighting and warmth of the apartments.
  • For maximum energy efficiency, 10 cm thermal insulation material was placed between the buildings.
  • The facade and entrance of the buildings were covered with natural travertine stone.
  • Balconies railings were made of tempered glass and metal.
  • The apartments were handed over in the so-called white frame condition, namely, walls built with energy-efficient blocks and plastered with perlite, erected internal partitions, high-quality aluminum doors and windows, custom-made iron doors, screed floors, water, gas and electric energy delivered to the apartment.