Ongoing Project

HOMBERG LISI: “HOMBERG” has a cozy, quiet and ecologically clean 2,000 sq.m. appartment on Lisi, in a new district, on Mukhran Machavariani Street With the recreation zone, another project has started. 3-storey, two blocks are being built, and only 8 apartments will be located in each of them, which additionally provides peace and comfort of the residents.
The apartment blocks have the best location, particularly, Lisi Lake is a 10 minute walk away. And the roads are connected: through Vashlijvari to Digomi and the exit of the city, through Vedzisi to Vazha-Pshavela Avenue, also to Nutsubidze slope.
In addition, the construction of a new highway is under construction and will be completed this year, it will connect the mentioned place, the right bank of the Mtkvari, in particular, the area around the “Vepxvi and Mokme”, and then a new bridge will connect to Tsereteli Avenue on the left bank of the Mtkvari, and the mentioned one will ensure the free movement of residents in the “Homeberg” in desired direction.
– Architecture and construction part of the buildings, performed by leading specialists.
– Construction performing with the highest quality reinforced concrete material. In addition, the foundation of the buildings rests on the rocky part of the mountain, which ensures the seismic stability of the buildings.
Distinctive location and rational planning provides maximum natural light and warmth to the apartments.
For maximum energy efficiency, 10 cm thermal insulation material will be placed between the buildings.

Term of delivery

The building is designed for an 8 magnitude earthquake. The walls are built of energy efficient blocks for maximum energy efficiency, 10 cm of thermal insulation material are placed between the buildings. The construction has waterproofing.
The facade of the building is completely covered with natural stone travertine.
Exterior stained glass windows made of high quality iso-aluminum Door and window accessories, which are made by the Austrian company “Mako” The balconies of the building are made of glass and metal.
Balcony-covered with frost-resistant ceramic granite. The building hall, stairs and all corridors are paved with granite. The walls and inner partitions are made of galvanized gable. Polished flooring. The buildings have an individual central heating system. Electrical wiring meets international standards. Internal electrical wiring (so-called networking) is in working condition. Connected communication networks.
Each apartment will have an individual heating system. The highest quality material is used for water supply. Natural gas brought to apartment. Fire systems to ensure safety.
One-level parking .Ceiling height 3 m. The project is bordered by ecologically clean 2,000 sq.m. recreational area.
The buildings are equipped with European standard elevators which meets all high safety standards. The construction work is performed by a team of experienced professionals.




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