Construction company Homeberg was founded in 2019. Appearing on the real estate market is a big responsibility for us. That’s why our goal is to create a safe, accessible, happy environment for every customer – where you will feel comfortable and safe.

The value of the company is an experienced, highly professional team that implements a modern standard of quality. Caring for the environment is one of the priority issues, so we try to reduce the harmful impact on the environment – with innovative technologies, using high-quality heat insulation.

Homeberg brings together 2 completed projects in Bagebi and Lisi. Today, about 100 families live in the residential building. The modern infrastructure of the projects and the rational planning of the outstanding location provide maximum natural lighting and warmth for the residents of the apartments!

Homeberg also has an ongoing project on Brotseuli Street, which offers beautiful views of the city and includes a total of 30 residential houses.