Finished project

Tbilisi, Tskneti Highway

Tbilisi, Tskneti Highway house: 41

The construction of Bagebi building has been completed and the internal repair works are in the final phase, the apartments will be finished in white frame, which means:
• High quality five-layer,
black metal-plastic doors and windows with warming,
double glazing and mechanism;
• High quality entrance iron door;
• Exterior facade covered with natural stone, travertine;
• On the outer perimeter is used Bedegi iso block with heat and sound insulation;
• For internal partitions, a 10 cm block made of a mixture of perlite and gypsum was used;
• The floor is stretched;
• Granite-lined entrances;
• Two Italian-made (passenger and freight) elevators, which performs movement even after power is off;
• Balcony covered with ceramic granite tiles;


• Security room in front of the entrances and elevator with water spray system installed, with hood and fire door;
• Furnished yard on both sides of the building;
• Parking on the minus two floors of the building;
• There is water and sewerage in the apartment;
• Electricity, natural gas and water brought to the apartment;
• Energy, water and natural gas meters are installed and connected to the network.